Sunday 21 October 2012

Chemo cycle 1- end of week 2

We have reached the end of week 2 of Steve's first cycle of alimta and carboplatin and, slowly but surely, things are on the up - albeit with the odd hiccup from time to time...

Eating little and often seems to be the key to keep nausea at bay, so the fridge is full of healthy savoury nibbles which he can dip into whenever Steve feels the need to eat something quickly. There's been no more retching or anti-sickness tablets so his head is clearer too. He is eating more, although still not as much as pre-chemo probably because his stomach has shrunk over the last two weeks. Weight now 61.7 kg give or take a gram or two. 

Tastes and smells are still heightened making some items food and drink less appetizing than others.  However a Campari spritz or tonic water with ice and a slice seem to go down well! The Meso Warriors have made other suggestions which we can try out if necessary as time goes by.

Although still tired, Steve hasn't needed a nap everyday and has occasionally stayed up until "normal" bedtime, rather than take an early night.  Today he even summoned up the energy to come out with me for a walk, the first exercise of any note since chemo started.  We had to take it easy, but he kept going for a lot longer than intended which is encouraging.  Maybe he's been inspired by the wonder horse Frankel, who we watched win his last race on Saturday before retiring to stud, unbeaten in 14 races...

The course of antibiotics that Steve has been taking for the infection which knocked him out in chemo week 1 finished on Friday, but not before causing the onset of an itchy rash. Luckily this was dealt with relatively easily over a few days with lashings of Eurax (crotamiton) cream and now seems to have subsided. The cough which began a few days into the first week of chemo still hasn't gone way completely. However, the bouts of coughing are far less frequent and don't last so long, so its going in the right direction.

All in all, Steve is noticeably better than this time last week, when he had not long returned home after an overnight stay in hospital on IV antibiotics and hydration. 

We are also a little less stressed about Steve's mum, who was taken into hospital as an emergency four weeks ago. She is still there, but has improved considerably in the last week much to the family's relief and delight.

So....chemo 1 week 3 starts tomorrow, as does the building work on our roof and gutters to deal with the leaks that have got worse over the wonderful British summer of 2012, the wettest in 100 years according to the Met Office. 

Steve has an appointment at the chest clinic on Thursday, although we're still not sure why!  He's not due for a scan until the end of cycle 2, so it can't be to assess whether there has been a positive response to chemo at this stage. He has his bloods done at the GP surgery rather than in hospital, so it can't be for that either!  Perhaps it's just to talk through what side effects the chemo is having and how he is managing....we shall find in due course and let you know!

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  1. Dear Chick and Steve. What a drag all this must be but a relief that at least you are doing something and making slow progress. It is never easy for those waiting in the wings, like the family, while you're expected to perform and appropriately with all the oneous on you ! If you feel like howling, screaming
    or just letting rip it would be understandable so I hope you are able to find a big field on your walks and do so! Ps Don't forget to wear your wellies or you could get bogged down 1 Love Patti xx