Friday, 13 January 2012

just getting on with it....the joy of a "normal" week

This week we have been getting on with things...

....Steve has picked up his new specs  (jolly good they look too)

....I have been blood-doning (my small bit to help someone else)

....we have sorted out travel arrangements for trips in February and March (more things to look forward to..)

....the social calender is filling up quickly (seeing friends always lifts our spirits) tax return has been filed online (hurrah!) and Steve is working on his (nearly there)

.... I've been doing some photo processing (at long last) 

Just a "normal" week, except for little reminders - like having to check whether Steve's Industrial Injury Benefit and Disability Living Allowance are taxable - that life will never be quite normal again....

While we have been getting on with it, as usual we have also been following the fortunes of other meso bloggers, and....

.....thinking of Mavis (and Ray, and Louis the dog) as Mavis starts more chemo, and hoping that it will knock her "Mr Nasty" back for a lot longer

.....thinking of Jan, and hoping that the heaviness in her chest is "just" an infection, rather than the meso growing on the membrane around her heart

....thinking of Amanda and Ray and hoping for good news after Ray's PET scan at the end of the month

....celebrating with Tess, whose condition is still stable after two cycles on a drug trial - and long may it continue!

....thinking of Debbie, who always manages to pack SO much into her life, and hoping that all goes well on her chemo journey which starts next month

We didn't know any of these people when I started writing the blog, and we've still only met a couple of them face-to-face since. However, our lives are now bound together by the threads of mesothelioma.  What touches them, touches us. And I know it works the other way round too.  

At times I wonder if it's worth writing anything on the blog at the end of a week like this.  However, just being able to say that we have been getting on with things in a "normal" week is likely to be a comfort to someone out there with mesothelioma going through a bad time and wondering whether they will ever have a "normal" week again.  Take heart - you will!


  1. Linda
    The meso may be our enemy but it has certainly brought a lot of us together as friends, whether we ever meet or not we know we are there for each other.
    Its great that you have had a normal week, it cheers those of us up who haven't. I use to feel guilty if I did the blog and things were good but it does help others remember we can get through things and come out the other side to leave a normal life.
    Here's to yours continuing to be normal xxxx

  2. I'll raise a glass to 'normality' too - just what a need right now. Your blog is a tonic. Tess x