Sunday, 2 October 2011

Indian summer

What do you do to make the most of an Indian summer in the UK?

Answer 1: Go to somewhere better known for its rain and enjoy the views under a blue sky and bright sunshine.... that's what we did last weekend - spending some time with our daughter Katie in Manchester, and taking the opportunity to show her around Salford Quays as well as exploring the "Northern Quarter" an area which is new to us.

We also managed to fit in a visit to Charlecote Park on the way home where we enjoyed one of the best displays of pumpkins we could remember seeing and treated ourselves to some heritage tomatoes to have with our evening meal (ugly to look at, but great flavour!)

Answer 2: Go on safari....

Or at least that's what it felt like we were doing as we spent a day at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, admiring the white rhino, zebra, lions, giraffes, red pandas, flamingoes, penguins and a host of other animals.

One of the highlights for us was a stroll through "Madagascar" where the lemurs roam freely, meandering close to visitors without fear....(that's Steve in the background!)

Answer 3:
Escape the heat by spending the day in an air-conditioned room with good company....and that's what we did yesterday, at the Mesothelioma Patient and Carers Day event.  I'll write about what we learned in a separate blog, but I can say here how wonderful it was to see many of the Meso Warriors face-to-face as well as other people we recognised from last year's conference, still very much alive and kicking.  As before, there were heartbreaking moments as people talked about their experiences, but these were more than counter-balanced by uplifting stories, positive news and helpful advice. Thank you Mesothelioma UK for such a wonderful event!  

Here is Steve with Debbie (Brewer) and Mavis (Nye) two other bloggers whose names might be familiar to you!  

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