Sunday, 9 January 2011

the Bounce Back recipe

  • Take two people who have been marinading in a post-Christmas dip for several days
  • Refresh with good wishes and messages of support from friends in places near and far
  • Transfer carefully to a party in the deepest countryside
  • Mix with a generous amount of wine, excellent food and plenty of interesting people
  • Stir well until all the grumpy bits have disappeared
  • Transport back home to simmer gently over a low heat overnight
  • Add bright blue sky and liven up with wall-to-wall sunshine the following day
  • Finish off with afternoon tea at one of our favourite places
The perfect recipe for helping us bounce back after our post-Christmas dip.

Thanks for all the support!

Thanks to Sue for hosting a wonderful party!

Thanks to Stella and Roger for taking us there and getting us back home again safely, without having to worry about drinking and driving!

I feel like we are back on the positive track again :-)

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  1. very lovely thoughts and keep that positive track through 2011
    Love Mavis