Sunday, 15 August 2010

Biggles flies again (now with photos!)

Back in March, Steve was given a flying lesson as a birthday present.  After two attempts to get airborne were aborted due to bad weather conditions, it was third time lucky today as he finally took off!

When I say flying lesson, I don' t just mean getting up, flying a bit and coming down again.  We are talking serious stuff here - looping-the-loop, an aileron roll, a barrel roll, a stall turn and a roll-over-the-top, or Immelman roll.  If you don't know what those are, check them out on wikipedia!  

Not only that, but Steve took over control of the 1950s Chipmunk for the second loop-the-loop and on the final approach when landing back at Booker airfield, near High Wycombe!  So if, by chance, you were traveling along the M40 in that area between 2.30 and 3.30 p.m. this afternoon and had your attention caught by a small plane doing crazy things in the sky.....that was probably him!

What better way to finish such an exciting day than to end up having a delicious BBQ with the givers of this wonderful present, Jon and Sally.  Thank you so much for such an amazing experience.... Steve will be re-living it (and re-telling it, no doubt) for many moons to come!

I'll upload the photos in the next day or two.  Come back and re-live it with us soon!

Photos added :-)

magnificent man and his flying machine
under instruction

getting ready for take off!
wave bye-bye

en route to the runway

up, up and away!

coming into land, Steve at the controls

safe landing!
Pilot and co-pilot walk away, safe and happy!

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