Saturday 17 July 2010

Living on the edge of a volcano

If you wonder where we have been, we've were living on the edge of a volcano  (a dormant volcano, I hasten to add!) for a week on the Greek island of Santorini, one of the relatively few Greek islands we had yet to visit over the years.  It was simply wonderful.  

Our holiday home had uninterrupted views of what remains of the volcano and the islands of the caldera, as well as the main town Fira perched on the cliffs in the middle distance, and Ia in the far distance.  The comings and goings of ferries and cruise ships entertained us over breakfast on the terrace in the morning and drinks on the balcony in the evening.  

We could have sat there all day just drinking in the view, but resisted the temptation and got out and about on foot and using the local bus service to explore the area of Akrotiri where we were based, and lap up the photo opportunities walking around the cliff top towns and villages and going up and down on the cable car which links the port and the town.  

Lots of steep steps, which were more of a problem for creaky knees than Steve's lungs, so we now have firmed up calf and thigh muscles as well as rapidly fading sun tans!

With fewer visitors than normal for this time of year, we were welcomed warmly by the Greeks who earn their living from tourism with little extra dishes and drinks "on the house" like it used to be in the days when you could buy a good meal for relatively few drachmaes.  All helped to contribute to a great break!

The day after we returned we went to London for the launch of the RPS International Print Exhibition, which includes one of my photos, and today we joined in a riverboat party on the Thames to celebrate the almost 40th wedding anniversary of Elizabeth (a friend from my school days in London) and Roger.

Congratulations and love to both of you for the big day tomorrow!

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