Sunday, 22 January 2012

Labours of love

We are back at home after five days hard labour in Bristol.

Sorry, I exaggerate ....Five days of scraping, filling, sanding and painting; fitting and fixing; sorting, clearing and recycling; researching and shopping....We'd forgotten just how demanding DIY can be - we're exhausted!  However, when it's a labour of love for family and/or friends, it's all worthwhile. 

Now we've got our eye in, we need to keep up the impetus and start an early spring clean and re-decoration at our own house. Why is it so much easier when you are doing it for some else?

Having been away for the best part of a week, it will take us a few days to catch up on post, e-mails and social networking.  Apologies if you have been in touch recently - we will get back to you sooner or later. Promise :-)

Since my last post, Steve passed the marker of 2 years and 7 months since he was diagnosed with mesothelioma on 16 June 2009.  I'm delighted to say that life goes on as "normal".  Great for us, but a bit boring for you I imagine.  I will continue to post, but just a brief weekly update for the time being unless life becomes extraordinary, for one reason or another.  

In the meantime, we are thinking of all the other meso warriors out there who are living through more "interesting times"....Stay positive and focussed, our precious friends. We are traveling this journey together.

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  1. I for one look forward to your blog so please keep it up. Normal is good and it helps us all remember what life is for.
    So pleased you had a great week and Steve managed all those jobs on the DIY list, shows he has come a long way since treatments.
    Love Jan