Monday, 23 January 2012

Gung hay fat choy!

The Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon is here - Gung hay fat choy!
Traditional Chinese New Year Decoration. Image credit: Fanghong via Wikimedia Commons.

While trying to find out a little more about the year of the Dragon, I came across predictions for the year ahead for other Chinese signs.  This is the prediction for those born in the year of the Pig, like Steve.  

The year of the Dragon will be a little fast-paced for the Pig but you should take initiative to stay in the game. The Dragon will shake things up for the Pig in his relationships, but this may not be a bad thing. The Pig has seen good health and good wealth in the past two years, and this trend can continue if the Pig stays smart and takes some risks. 

Got that Steve?  Stay smart and take some risks!  


  1. Hi Linda. As my husband is now into his first treatment of chemo for mesothelioma (cisplatin and alimta) I have taken to re-reading your blog entries from 2009 when your Steve went through his chemo. It doesn't make this whole experience any easier but its comforting to read how others have coped during the long treatment periods. The month since diagnosis is now a blur of appointments, scans and information. We're settling in for the ride now. Take care and continue to enjoy life. Marg

  2. Hi Marg

    As you know, Steve's chemo was Cisplatin plus a trial drug called Velcade. He has yet to try the standard Alimta/Cisplatin combination, which I am aware has a different regime. That said, the side effects appear to be similar, so I'm glad you have found some comfort in sharing our experience.

    However, everyone reacts slightly differently, so go with the flow. Make the most of the good days and take it easy on those days when fatigue and nausea dominate.

    And don't be afraid to seek help for nausea/sickness - ask to try different anti-sickness medication, if needed!

    Thinking of you both. Chemo isn't an easy journey, but it doesn't go on forever. Stay positive :-)

    Linda and Steve x