Monday, 22 August 2011

cheering on a friend at the world championship!

If one of your friends was taking part in a world championship, wouldn't you be excited?  We were!  Rob came all the way down from Leeds on Saturday to take part in a cycle race at Blenheim Palace, not far from here.  And not just any old cycle race.  This was a world championship! For people on Brompton folding bikes.  And you had to cycle two laps round the parkland of Blenheim Palace wearing a suit jacket or blazer, shirt with a collar and a tie, in keeping with the Brompton's main market - commuters and city dwellers ;-)

The support team pumped him full of calories on Saturday night to give him sustained energy and took him off to Woodstock for the race, one of a number held that day to raise funds for breast cancer awareness.  We cheered him off at the start, caught up with him again on lap 2 and made it back to the finish in time to see him cross the line.  

Well done Rob and to everyone else who took part, especially those wearing even more creative versions of the business suit.  What a hoot!  I am tempted to get my Brompton out of the garden shed where it has been mouldering away for the last ten years and have a go myself next year.  Even Steve is toying with the idea of taking part.  Oh, the joy of positive thinking!

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