Tuesday, 16 August 2011

all lit up but nowhere to go....

We enjoyed our recent hot air balloon trip so much that when the opportunity came along to do it again - but this time, flying with more than 100 other balloons at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta - we grabbed it gleefully.

Although Sunday dawned with bright sun and blues skies, sadly the wind was too strong for the mass ascent that evening so we didn't take to the skies after all.  However, Steve is determined to be around to try to fly again at next year's fiesta, a measure of how good he is feeling at the moment. 

Nevertheless, we did get to enjoy the "night glow" on Saturday evening, when the balloons inflate as darkness falls and turn their burners on and off to coordinate with music.

We also enjoyed an amazing display by the Red Arrows on Sunday afternoon. 

And we do get another chance to fly over Bristol, which will be wonderful even without the company of other balloons!  

Here we are in the Virgin balloon, a couple of weeks ago over Oxfordshire

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