Thursday, 17 March 2011

sweet dreams are made of this

We saw a new doctor at the hospital today as well as Nickie, Steve's cancer nurse.  Before examining him, the doctor asked Steve a lot of questions about how he was feeling, the drug trial he had taken part in during 2009, his exposure to asbestos in the past, how his physical capacity was affected by the mesothelioma and whether he was able to take exercise. From where I was sitting, it felt like she might be preparing us for bad news......

.....So it was a HUGE relief when she finally said that having looked carefully at Steve's X-ray she could find no change since last December - no sign of disease progression, everything still stable!

Leo is still sleeping peacefully.  Sweet dreams are made of this.......

As Steve's next assessment is not until June, we can start looking ahead and thinking about what we would like to do during the next three months.  The taste of freedom is so tantalizingly close now - just 11 days before I finish work (and even fewer days to finish my report...)  But we won't wait until then to celebrate - there's a bottle of fizz being chilled for tonight!

Whether the good news is down to early diagnosis, the trial drug Velcade, the supplements Steve takes every day to boost his immunity, a positive mental attitude, fighting spirit and dogged determination - or a combination of any or all of these - we really don't have any idea. But something is clearly working for Steve at present and long may it continue.  Here's to the next three months and many more after that - cheers!

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