Thursday, 24 March 2011

Steve's "to do" list

We have a rather unusual method of jotting down things to do/buy/remember in our house.  It involves a stick of chalk and writing on the quarry tiles on the kitchen work top.  

I have been too busy working to finish a report to compose a list of what to do AIR (After I Retire).  However, I couldn't help but notice Steve's "to do" list on the kitchen work top this evening.  It runs thus:

  • Shop (food)
  • Wrap (great nephew's belated birthday present)
  • Post (great nephew's belated birthday present)
  • Iran
I did a double take.


Does Steve think he is going to sort out the problems of Iran any time soon?

Have too many crosswords addled his brain and given him delusions of grandeur?

Casually, so as not to raise his suspicions, I asked Steve to explain.  
It wasn't Iran. It was Iron.  

Phew! Back to life, back to reality.  I think I need a break and Steve needs to work harder at his handwriting........  

AIR is fast approaching, but we're not quite there yet.  Big effort tomorrow to finish off the last report, and another on Monday (and probably Sunday) to sort out, pack and wrap everything that needs to be returned to the office in Bristol. But in between, we have something to look forward to!  If you want to know what we've been getting up to over the weekend, come back next week - AIR!

Post script:  Message for Princess Zac from Dr Who - Sorry, I've been caught up in a time warp, but I will be with you shortly to wish you a happy birthday.  

(Don't worry - that won't mean anything to you unless you are our niece Heather, or her son Zac!) 

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