Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Oh happy day :-)

There are some days when things seem to go right. This looks like being one of them!  OK - nothing life changing, but the cumulative effect of little things going well is enough to brings smiles to our faces :-)

Steve was whooping with joy first thing when he heard the news of England's decisive victory over Australia in the Ashes test match in Adelaide!

We were dancing up and down a few hours later on hearing that both Steve and I have had prints selected for the 2011 Royal Photographic Society's Members Exhibition which opens in February next year.  

Shortly after that, Jack phoned to say that he had accepted a quote to install new heating in his house in Bristol - even better, they are starting on Monday!  Great for our son who has been suffering horribly during this prolonged cold snap, and good news also for his visitors, including us!  

And now the freezing fog has cleared, sun is shining, the sky is blue and the frost on the trees is looking wonderful.....

.....Let's hope this run of nice things is a good omen for Steve's next hospital assessment on Thursday!

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