Thursday, 9 December 2010

Christmas comes early!

The approach to Steve's assessment is always an anxious period.  This time it has coincided with the run up to Christmas and a very intense period of work for me, so stress levels have been rising ........Which is probably one reason why we set off to hospital this morning without taking the paperwork for Steve's X-ray and appointment with the oncologist. On realizing this, we turned around and went home to pick it up, only to get stuck in a huge traffic jam where we could do nothing but sit and watch the minutes tick by, past his appointment time.  Had a horrible feeling this was not a good omen......

However, Steve was seen quickly in radiology when we finally arrived.  Then it was almost straight into the consulting room in the clinic, where the oncologist called by briefly to say hello, shake our hands, remark on how well Steve was looking, before moving on to this next patient and leaving us with the new registrar.  Smiles all round and a huge sigh of relief from us as she gave us the good news that the X-ray showed no sign of progression and Steve's condition is still stable!  

So Christmas has come early in the Wride household! What better Christmas present could you wish for?  We can now throw ourselves into enjoying the festive season and will be breaking open a bottle of fizz tonight to celebrate :-))  Hope you will join us in a virtual toast, wherever you are!

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  1. I'm so pleased to hear that Linda and Steve. I hope you can enjoy Christmas in a much more relax way now and I especially hope the good results continue.

    Anita Steiner xx