Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Back on track but oh, so S-L-O-W .....Cycle 3 Day 1

Back to hospital this morning, after Steve's treatment being put "on hold" for a second week. We had to wait more than three hours for the blood test results, but eventually news came back after lunch that Steve's white cell count is above the level required by the drug trial, so all systems go for Cycle 3 of chemotherapy. From now on, Steve will receive a slightly reduced dose of Velcade, which should not compromise his immune system to the same degree and will minimize the risk of future treatment being put on hold.

However, the treatment did not start until well after midday, so it was a VERY long day at hospital with both Cisplatin and Velcade, saline, glucose and Manitol diuretic being administered, as well as all the usual tests and obs. We both felt shattered by the time we arrived home after 9 p.m. more than 12 hours after setting out this morning. Amazing how doing very little, other than reading newspapers/books and talking, can be so tiring (not to say boring).

Nevertheless, it feels good to be back on track and doing something positive again.

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