Thursday, 2 October 2014

AZD0424 clinical trial Cycle 1 Days 1-3

We have finished our hospital visits for this week, the first on the new early phase clinical trial of AZD0424.  

A bit of a marathon on Tuesday, with the full battery of tests to start off, followed by a series of blood samples every few hours for research purposes.  By 8pm when the last sample was due to be taken, Steve's veins had had enough and refused to cooperate. 

In spite of flushing the cannula, no blood would flow so the nurse had to insert a new needle in his other arm to take the sample. As result, we left the hospital even later than anticipated and returned home about 13 hours after we started out...exhausting stuff, sitting doing nothing much of the time!

The following hospital visits have been better - a relatively quick in and out yesterday, although it took two goes to find a vein willing to give blood for yesterday's 24 hour blood sample.  Today, the 48 hour sample was quick and painless, and we were out in time to do a food shop on the way home.

No obvious physical side effects as yet.  Fatigue...but this could be a result of the weekend away and a long day on Tuesday catching up with us.  I have felt tired too.  Neither of us are sleeping well - I think there is inevitably some anxiety about what might happen as a result of the trial...not surprising when you take a leap into the unknown.  Steve says he is noticing every little twinge and feeling, in case it signals the onset of side effects.  

On the bright side, his appetite is good..which is a relief as he has been loosing weight.  We just need a bit of time to settle into a new routine around dose time - nothing to eat or drink (except water) for two hours before taking the capsules and one hour after.  

We will miss meeting up with the meso warriors at the Patient and Carer Day in Leicester this Saturday.  London calls...and an appointment to transport various bits and pieces for our son who is moving accommodation, always assuming Steve feels up to the drive there and back.  Fellow blogger Mavis is going to give everyone a hug from us, aren't you Mavis? !!

Here's a special hug for those who are having it tough at the moment x

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