Monday, 25 March 2013

bucket, cough, eyes and awards

Yesterday, about a month after his last cycle of treatment finished, Steve put away the bucket that has lived on his side of the bed since last October in case of emergencies.  A small but significant step forward in the process of recovering from chemotherapy, although he still has occasional problems with tastes and has yet to enjoy a bottle of red wine.  

The frustrating thing is that although he's feeling more human in terms of chemo side effects, he's still prone to other infections and is now having problems with a chesty cough (not mesothelioma-related) and conjunctivitis which has now spread from one eye to the other. How unfair is that?  

Ah well, at least neither of these infections is life threatening and both are curable if he takes care of himself. However, it's enough to make him feel a bit miserable. The bitterly cold, grey, overcast weather with no let up in the foreseeable future is not helping......That said, for a few seconds today, we did spot a patch of blue sky over Oxford which cheered us up no end!

We are using this down time to slowly catch up on a few things, although lethargy seems to be affecting both of us at the moment.  Nevertheless, we now have a plan for our next adventure, somewhere a bit warmer I hope. I'll put the plan into action as soon as Steve is fully recovered from these infections so as to minimise the risk of cancellation. Getting travel insurance for someone with cancer at a reasonable cost is just about impossible so soon after chemotherapy, so we will just have to take a chance.

Congratulations to the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organisation (ADAO) for a very successful conference in America, to meso warrior Mavis and Linda Reinstein of the ADAO who were both given awards, to meso warrior Lou from Australia who travelled to the States to be there and make a presentation and to everyone involved!  

We also send special wishes to other meso warriors and their carers, especially Tess who is having a tough time with chemo at the moment; Ray who is recovering from a heart attack; Debbie who is managing her problems so well, and Jan who has added "author" to her formidable list of achievements. Details of her book The Dreamweaver's Choice here!  

Last but not least, bon voyage to Amanda and Ray who are off to Paris this week, and to our son who is now en route home from New Zealand via China and Amsterdam.  See you soon, Jack!


  1. Hi Linda! - I do keep an eye on your diligent blogs.
    Just a thought that I might be able to help Steve with his s/effects, I've just finished an 8 three weekly course of permetrexed & cisplatinin and now following a CT scan in pretty good shape considering I have meso in my chest and stomach, I know we are all different when it comes to chemo and I've had some dodgy moments in the past.
    What I'm going to say now may seem a bit odd, but following a email from some Aussie ski friends (see below) I decided to try this and give it a whirl from 2 mths ago, and to date my blood counts are now showing fine - which for the 1st 4 sessions of the eight haven't been and have required a blood & platelet transfusion.
    I've always been a bit dubious about some complimentary meso advice, but this certainly works as pick me up, and my wife now a retired GP prepares two ramekins of glop warmed daily for me. Check it out

    Kind regards Terry Sedgwick

  2. Hello Terry

    Thanks for this :-)

    Steve's chemo side effects have almost disappeared. It's plain old everyday infections that he's dealing with now!

    I've done a bit of research about asparagus. While there are are some health benefits of eating this vegetable, claims that it cures cancer seem to be based on myths (see link below). But if you feel like its working for you, doing some good and no harm, then why not?

    However, I would advise others not to follow "theonlyway" blog unless they like sermons (which is what the rest of the blog posts are).

    Best wishes,


  3. Hi Linda - Glad Steve is regaining his strength!

    Thanks for response and link, I did initially run it past Snopes and the rest who basically o/all gave it up as OK, but whether it's wishful thinking or not on my part, I don't know, only the fact that after seven years of mediocre well being, I'm feeling more like myself at last. And hopefully now get back to some serious painting.
    All the very best. TS

  4. Here's to another seven years feeling ore like yourself, Terry! And long may that feeling last...

    All the best,