Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring forward, with the odd stumble....

Do you ever have those times when inanimate objects start causing problems?  We've just had one of those weeks - window blinds fall down; camera lens stops working; boiler won't switch off, then won't switch on; unable to transfer applications, mail and documents between computers - all rather annoying.  However, inanimate objects can be repaired and replaced and most of last weeks little stumbling blocks have now been removed, or in the process of being sorted out.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could fix people in the same way, especially those with an incurable disease.  One day, I hope......

Spring has well and truly arrived (summer almost!) in Oxford. Our poor neglected garden is blooming; birds are nesting and so are people in the street - seven builders vans in the street last week as Henry Road residents feather their own nests.

After the exertions of our trip to London the previous weekend, we having been taking it easy over the last week, especially as Steve has had a bit of a cough (or perhaps it's the hay fever starting early, with the warm weather?) However, he felt well enough to socialise by Saturday, so we enjoyed a meal out that evening (quite literally, outside) with our friends Ian and Ruth, eating our tapas while watching the Compagnie Retouramont perform Danse des Cariatides on the walls of Malmaison Hotel, Oxford Castle and above our heads in the square. If they perform near you, catch them if you can!

More social get-togethers planned for this week, which will help balance out the time I've put into preparing for my first Tribunal hearings in Guernsey next week and work on the photography front which we must progress, with a deadline looming in early April.  We'll be busy bees - but that's how it should be now that spring has well and truly sprung!

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