Saturday, 4 February 2012

Home and away

Since Steve was diagnosed with mesothelioma in June 2009, the occasions when we have been apart for more than a day or two at a time have been very few and far between.  Last week was one of those rare occasions.  

Steve saw me off to Southampton airport on Monday afternoon and I've spent the rest of last week in the Channel Islands learning all about Guernsey planning law, so similar in some respects to what I'm used to, so different in other ways.  Still it keeps the brain active, especially in this freezing weather when I might otherwise be tempted to go back into hibernation.

While I've been away, Steve has been moving forward on the home front.  He has been going through his workroom, sorting out, recycling and filing paperwork and organizing equipment, and in the process finding things he didn't know (or had forgotten) that we had.  Not to mention a clear floor!

He's stocked up on the supplements he takes to help boost his immune system, so no fear of running out for a few more months. He's stocked up on food, so we won't starve if we find ourselves snowed in for a few days.  According to the Met Office, it's on its way but has yet to arrive here in Oxford. Steve has also tied up the last loose end for our February treat next week, so we are now ready for another adventure. Always assuming we are not snowed in...

The adrenalin had run out by the time I reached home yesterday evening, so it wasn't until today that I learned of the death of two more meso warriors earlier this week, Heather and Keith.  Our thoughts are with their families.  

I've also now managed to catch up with other meso warriors blogs.  There have been some traumas and challenges to do with treatment and some good news too while I've been away.  It was heart-warming to read on Amanda's blog that Ray's scan results brought good news - enjoy the next twelve weeks you two! Sending our love and positive thoughts to all meso warriors and their families.  

Now that January is behind us, so is our long stretch of "normal" weeks.  The calender for February and March has some special things to look forward to, interspersed with periods for rest and relaxation, which I have had a tendency to overlook in the past. Perhaps this time, we'll get the balance right!

Having just looked out the window, I see that the snow has now started to fall.  Will it be a winter wonderland when we wake up tomorrow?    

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