Thursday, 14 July 2011

and today is............?

This morning I couldn't decide what to wear, so I mentioned to Steve that I would change later before we went out.  His response was, "But we aren't going anywhere today!"  It soon became apparent that I thought it was Friday and he thought it was Tuesday. By a process of elimination, we eventually worked out that today is, in fact, Thursday.  Ho hum.

There have been some recent exchanges between Facebook Meso Warriors about "chemo brain" - those moments when you loose track of time.  However, it's 18 months since Steve's last round of chemo and as far as I know it isn't catching! So I have to put this morning's lapse down to a shared "senior" moment or a side effect of no longer having a working routine......

We had a somewhat bizarre experience yesterday. Going into the city centre to take part in a walkabout quiz, we stumble upon the crew filming a new episode of "Lewis" in Ship Street.  Sadly, an empty chair labelled Lawrence Fox was the nearest we got to seeing one of the stars of the show.  But what was on TV when we returned home after the quiz ?  You guessed it.  Lewis and Hathaway (aka actors Kevin Whatley and Laurence Fox) sleuthing around Oxford, just like we had been earlier that evening, trying to get the answers to the quiz questions. The line between reality and fantasy can feel thin when you live in a city like this.

However, the harsh reality of mesothelioma was brought home yesterday with news that another meso warrior has lost his battle with this deadly disease.  Peter lived in Australia with his family wife and two young sons.  He was diagnosed with mesothelioma in October 2009, four months after Steve, and died on Tuesday.  He was only 54 years old.  According to his facebook page, Peter's favourite quote was one of his mum's "Life may not be the party we'd hoped for, but while we are here, we may as well dance"

We will keep dancing, Peter. 

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