Wednesday, 18 May 2011

the roller coaster goes on

Since we returned from Venice, life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride.  

The high points have included a wonderful short break in Scotland for me with girlfriends Prue and Chris, including an opportunity to meet up with Rufus, a dear friend and former neighbour who now lives in Edinburgh. There has been some good news on the photography front with work selected for a mixed media show at Artspool during Artweeks which opens this Friday and for an exhibition  at the 03 Gallery Oxford Castle to be held as part of the Flower and Garden Festival in June; an acceptance in the London Salon of Photography whose centenary exhibition opens in London in late July and the arrival of my FIAP gold medal (which really is a medal - though sadly not real gold) awarded for an image selected in a Serbian international photo salon.  

The low points have included the decision to withdraw Steve's damages case on the advice of solicitors.  I may write about that in more detail in a future blog, now that I am no longer restricted by an ongoing court case. Plus, there should have been four of us on the trip to Edinburgh, but sadly Jenny couldn't make it due to her husband's ill health. We missed you Jenny and pass on our best wishes to Dick. Two of our meso friends, Debbie in Plymouth and Mavis in Kent, have both recently had news that their disease is progressing.  We know you will stay positive - we send you both our love and good wishes.

However, the lowest point we have experienced since Steve's mesothelioma diagnosis in June 2009 happened yesterday - the sudden and unexpected death of a close friend who is - was - younger than Steve. We were all students together and part of a circle that has kept in touch ever since, through marriage and children, life's traumas and happy occasions. Given Steve's condition, I thought it likely that I would be the first in the group to be widowed. The harsh reality is that no one can take life for granted.  

Our thoughts are with Jan, Susie, Charlie and sister Kay. Today's blog is dedicated to you Andrew, with much love.

Andrew - happy memories, always


  1. A lovely Blog but so sad xx
    I was diagnosed 6 months and Im still here after 2 years and I have lost neighbours in that time when i thought it was me that was going to be next. Life has many twist and turns you just never know whats around the corner so make today count xxxx

  2. Mavis - you are absolutely right.....If only more people would live their lives on that basis......