Sunday, 14 November 2010


All over the world on Wednesday and again today people have been remembering those who lost their lives in conflict.  Our hearts go out to those they left behind. 

We also remember those who survived the conflicts, only to have their lives taken prematurely as a result of exposure to asbestos; exposure which could have been avoided with the right precautions.  Steve's dad numbers amongst those victims.  Our hearts go out to those they leave behind, including the wives and children contaminated by the lethal dust as they washed dirty work clothes unaware of the risks they were taking, or hugged their fathers as they returned home from work, and in the process breathed in the fibres that were to come back to haunt them as they hugged their own children many years later.  

We look back to the possible causes of Steve's exposure in frustration, anger and in grief - natural emotions, in the circumstances - but probably heightened this last week by seeing so many poppies, not to mention the aftermath of going through the court papers.  Still that's over now, at least for the time being. 

Steve's next assessment is less than four weeks away - always a nail-biting time - so we are making the most of the here and now, including a wonderful meal yesterday evening with old friends Paul and Veronique, and a sleepover at their house so we could enjoy the wine and stay up till the small hours in good company without having to worry about the drive home!  

More get-togethers planned for next weekend and the weekend after and may be even in-between....isn't it great to be sociable?  

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