Sunday, 29 November 2009

A small step forward.... Cycle 6, Day 20

For the first time since the start of cycle 6 of chemotherapy, I wasn't woken by the sight and sound of Steve retching into the emergency bedside bucket.  In fact, it's 10 am and he hasn't been sick at all.  A small step forward, but a very, very good one -  long may it continue!

He's still taking the anti-nausea tablets mornings and evenings, but feeling better for missing out day time medication.  We even managed an amble into town to sample the delights of the re-vamped Ashmolean Museum, enjoy the hubbub of Christmas shoppers, buskers and carol singers, and do a bit of shopping interspersed with refueling stops for lunch, cakes and coffee.  

With no hospital visits at all next week (only third entirely hospital-free week since June) we have started to look ahead more than a few days and to think about Christmas and the New Year.  We hope we'll enjoy many more of these together, but at the back of our minds is the thought that this might be the last.  Not being negative - it's an incentive to make it memorable for good reasons!  

Time to go on an expedition to the dark recesses of the loft storage cupboard, dig out the Christmas tree advent calendar and fill the little boxes with chocolate truffles and other such delights ready for the first day of December.

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