Friday, 10 July 2009

No news is good news..........Cycle 1 Day 3

We've been waiting to see how Steve reacts to the first chemo session, expecting the worst but hoping for the best. So far, so good:

No tinnitus
No numbness or tingling in hands or feet
No diarrhoea
No unexplained bruising or bleeding
No mouth ulcers
No loss of appetite
No gritty or sore eyes
No skin rash
No hair loss
No obvious signs of anaemia

Kidney function does not appear to be affected. The antiemetic tablets are keeping nausea at bay. Ginger is good at disguising the metallic taste in the mouth (thanks for the tip, Maralyn!). Senna has had the desired effect. We have gone to bed a bit earlier than usual and Steve has had the odd cat nap, but no extreme fatigue as yet.

It's early days and some of these side effects are cumulative. However, it's been a relief to be able to carry on almost as normal for the time being.

We had an enjoyable evening with Murray and Richard last night; the prospect of visitors was an incentive to do a bit of housework (which has been ignored recently) so home looks a bit more presentable and the window boxes have been planted up.

It was good to catch up with Andrew's news on the phone. We look forward to seeing more of our friends in the flesh on Sunday at Roger and Stella's lunch in the garden (or indoors if wet!).

Back to hospital shortly for a single dose of Velcade and anything else that comes with it (saline? glucose?), then no more chemo until Monday.

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